Addressing clothing waste by transforming the way we choose, enjoy and recycle clothing in Australia.

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Every year, Australians are buying more and more clothing, most of which is made from materials that aren't sustainable or durable. There isn't an organised system to collect unwearable clothing and there are limited facilities to recycle clothing, which means thousands of tonnes ends up in landfill.

1.4 billion

new clothing items are manufactured or imported into Australia every year

56 items

is the average number of new garments placed on the market for every Australian per year

200,000 t

of clothing ends up in landfill in Australia every year

Our roadmap for
enduring impact

Australia has a vision and commitment to transition to a circular economy by 2030 and Net Zero by 2050. To do this, and significantly reduce the 200,000 tonnes of clothing that goes to Australian landfill each year, we need to come together to completely reimagine how we design, produce, enjoy and recycle our clothes.

Supported by leading Australian brands

The foundation members of Seamless are working together to help shape the scheme and solve the issue of clothing waste.

Reimagine how we choose, enjoy and recycle our clothes

Seamless is a clothing stewardship scheme for Australia which recognises that the brands who make or import our clothes are responsible for their entire lifespan. It’s funded by a levy paid by fashion and clothing brands, which is used to transform the way clothes are designed, promote repair and rental services, expand recycling facilities and encourage all Australians to think differently about their clothes.

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Clothing brands or retailers

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Industry stakeholders

If you’re an industry stakeholder including recycler, reuse operator, technology supplier, government agency, professional services organisation or academic, register to become a supporter.